Karin Brushmarker PRO 12 Flower colors Set

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The thematic set, which includes 12 colours:

sulphur yellow 269 orange red 051 fire red 092 red 209 lipstic red 181 rose pink 168 magenta red 170 burgundy 075 cerise 375 magenta 359 red lilac 358 pale violet 247

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Brushmarker PRO Flower Colors - 12 - "Flowers" -

Colors in a convenient packaging for easy use. Suitable for painting, drawing and hand lettering.

The colors can be mixed with each other and lightened (sound transitions). Brushmarker PRO contain 2.4 ml of color.

They are manufactured in the "liquid ink" technology, so that the color intensity remains unchanged until the last drop and the ink output can be controlled continuously.

They are twice as efficient as conventional filter markers and feature a Japanese strong and flexible nylon tip. Contain non-toxic, intense dye-based inks.

Colors included: sulphur yellow 269, orange red 051, fire red 092, red 209, lipstic red 181, rose pink 168, magenta red 170, burgundy 075, cerise 375, magenta 359,